PRONG – Kicking it back up

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Welcome to Prong Games, officially!

Simple story really, we were Big Shiny Games, now we are Prong Games minus one alumni. And that’s the way the cookie crumbled! lol.

I started BSG with Mark, and we were a duo for a good long time before we brought on Mr. 3, but now we are back to the beginning, when things were fun, and less encumbered. Sometimes chemistry just doesn’t happen, and it makes for some rough waters. So rough that we needed some time off to refocus, and detox really before we moved forward, so here we are.

A new name, a new beginning.

So what’s the plan?

Well a lot of things are happening in Prong World. We have begun re-tooling Retro Assault for it’s release. There were some things in the design that were lacking, and we are fixing that now. For the most part the game is in a good place. There have been some re-tooling some of the levels. We’re refining some of the UI elements, and refocusing on the base ship / weapon combat systems.

We will be launching the RA Challenge 3.0 soon, and adding some extra support to our Social Media Campaign. Everyone who has played the challenge has loved it. We’re looking forward to giving that effort another push as we bring Retro Assault to a close. We’re thinking 1st Quarter of 2019, but we’ll see how things go as we move into the holidays.

I’m really excited about our sophomore title The Adventures of the Atomic Marshmallow. We’ve been working on this concept for a little while now, and it’s going to be something really cool. A lot of pre-production and design has been laid out, but we’ll be hitting it pretty hard after the RA launch. Expect to see some really exciting things from it shortly.

Well that’s the big skinny here. I know we have a great group of supporters who have been waiting for the release of RA, and getting that baby launched. We’re in good spirits, and ready to bring that game to proper fruition.