Prong Game Studios is founded by these two dudes. Our mission is simple: to make awesomely fun video games for people that like to play awesomely fun video games. Full Stop.

Collectively between the two of us, we’ve been making compelling games for over 20 years. No reason to stop now! Join us in our quest to make the most Extra-Ordinary gaming experiences.


Mark and Michael joined forces in 2012 over their fondness for old Retro Style Arcade games, which led to the creation of their first awesomely cool game title, Retro Assault, a new school take on the classic top down space shooter.

As we bring this frenetic, action packed title to a close, we’ve been ramping up on our next game in development, the cool, sure to knock your socks off action based side scroller; The Adventures of Atomic Marshmallow, which promises to bring some new twists to this beloved genre.


We are a new Indie Studio, but certainly not new to making awesome games. We’ve worked on many diverse titles in the past including the Ashes of Creation MMO franchise, the EverQuest MMO franchise, Star Wars, Saints Row, Duke Nukem, Goblin Commander, Danger Girl, WcW, Trailer Park Tycoon, Etc. just to name a few.

No matter what we work on, we bring fun and experience to the product, and create games that demand to be played, or at very least nip at your heels like a merciless licking puppy until you finally do!

So enough of this pretentious messaging, just shut up already and make amazing games right?!  🙂

Welcome to PRONG!