PRONG GAME STUDIOS was founded by game industry veterans and close friends Michael Bacon and Mark Storch. Michael and Mark met each other through a chance meeting in a San Diego coffee shop. The Duo have always been passionate about games and technology and were ultimately pulled together by a compelling game concept that led to the founding of the company.

Chief Technology Director

Mark is a neat guy. How neat you ask? Well out side the oddity of Emu Fighting, he has a passion for Astrology, Technology, Cosmetology, and really just about anything with an “-ology” at the end of it.

He’s also a Kung Fu master (No Joke) so when it comes to asking him to change his code, it’s usually done through E-mails and worded very carefully.

Creative Director / Producer

Michael is mostly a Jackass. Seriously, he is. No, seriously. Always in a daze talking about colors, and palettes and boring stuff like that. We seriously don’t know why he is here.

He drones on endlessly about being old enough to remember having “Pong” when he was a young boy? What the hell is Pong? Seriously.

PRONG is a partnership of talented, like-minded developers who share a passion for creating fun and engaging entertainment. With every release we strive to exceed expectations and reinforce PRONG as a brand that exemplifies quality and excellence in gaming.

Simply put, we don’t just make games, we love them, we play them, we live them. We create games that our gamer-selves want to play, that speak to our gamer hearts. We hope they speak to yours as well.